WP Sales Chimp

WP Sales Chimp is a new product. It promises to be an advanced way for internet marketers to create multiple campaigns and monitor them on a WordPress site.

The product is a WordPress plugin which aims with campaign creation and tracking. The creators, Joshua Zamora and Brad Spencer describes WP Sales Chimp as an “all-in-one affiliate tracking and cloaking software to help subscribers keep track and increase their profit.

Given that most web developers had to switch between multiple platforms to perform the tasks that can all be handled by WP Sales Chimp, developers will appreciate the relief this plugin will bring them.

As a plugin, WP Sales Chimp is simply added in the plugin page. Once that is done, campaigns can be added on the WP Sales Chimp menu. Creating the campaign includes adding the link to the money site, as well as the landing page. It is also possible to add multiple campaigns at one time via the bulk upload process. The campaign information are in a CSV file and this is uploaded to the campaign page.

This can upload multiple campaigns in seconds. Once a campaigns is added, a link to the campaign is easily accessible on the blog editor in the form of a drop down menu. Link activities are tracked via the text link on the page. After posting, the article is monitored in the background for views and clicks.









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