WhatsApp Business Marketing: Learn the Features and Strategies

Lets look at some creative usage of WhatsApp Business Marketing that might give a few ideas for the next project.People use for making calls, web features.

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application for the next generation mobile platform, which enables text messaging between users. 

It is similar to computer messaging programs that commonly exist in the web, with the difference that this one works in mobile phones.

WhatsApp multiplatform because it is available in different mobile operating systems that currently exist such as IOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Nokia.

WhatsApp can be a powerful tool. Considering that this app is the new SMS, it can be used in marketing and promotion as well.

Today virtually all types of companies need to improve their communication with existing customers or potential future customers.

Most of these companies are struggling to capture the attention of consumers because there is a lot of information and a lot of competition today.

Facebook purchased WattsApp opening it up for its millions of users.

Learn how to adapt the characteristics of WhatsApp to market the business. 

For example, sent a quotation to potential customer but haven’t heard from him, what do you do?

Either call or send a followup mail using formal language.

WhatsApp could be a great tool for customer support simple because of its wider reach. 

Customers would always prefer to send a message over WhatsApp rather than calling a helpdesk number or raising a ticket.

Develop business there are different methods of how to market the audience. Can WhatsApp work for us?

Connect correct with existing loyal customers rather than trying to reach new users. Everyone hates messages coming from unknown numbers.

People have built new businesses using WhatsApp as a platform and some are using it to grow their business in a cost effective manner. 


Learn in course:
Understand the features of the WhatsApp app.
Create ways to implement WhatsApp in a marketing strategy.
Know what to look for in how the app can affect their business.













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