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Tube Rank Explosion will not only further boast rankings in the long term, but lead to more leads and sales will be an over the shoulder process.

One of the great things about connecting with fellow entrepreneurs is the amount of people who are really successful and great but have never released a product.

One of these people is Lenny Rowell.

I first came into contact through Tube Traffic and it became apparent that he was an ace video ranker on both Google and Tube in a variety of niches.

He was and is also very well respected in a high level underground YouTube SEO Skype group.

Discovery masterclass with done for research.

We will show how to harness the power of the Google Display planner to encoder the exact targeting need to run discovery ads successfully.

We do the research and provide keywords and interests and topics for any niche.

Customers can submit the niche and keyword they want to rank for, we will do the research.

They will only have to copy and it date when taking their ads.

This method is what we’ve used to rank and bank on page one of google with a video for competitive keywords.

We also give you 15 extra niches completely done for with monetized videos for in-stream ads and keywords for discovery provided.

A few months ago I suggested he make a product and finally, Tube Rank Explosion was born.

Lenny has put so much effort and value into this it is insane.

So much so, certain JVs got annoyed it was being offered at such a cheap price $17.

There are over 40 videos on Lenny’s entire process for Google and YouTube ranking.

Over 40 High Quality Videos: PowerPoint/Over The Shoulder Training videos with downloadable quick reference guides that summarize the key points in each module.















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