Proxy Server Finder 1.09

Tired of constantly scouring websites trying to locate proxy lists that actually work? Save your wasted time and let our proxy finder and checker do the work for you!

Proxy Server Finder is a multi-threaded application for finding, testing, and getting additional info about http proxies. Eliminating the wasted time locating and testing proxy ip addresses by automating the entire process and providing you with a clean working list of current proxy ip addresses for use in anonymizing your Internet usage in conjunction with any http proxy supported programs you may use. 
 ProxyServerFinder is compatible with Microsoft Windows and Macintosh OSX.
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Compatible with both Windows and Mac Os X!

Simply let the Proxy Server Finder search, import http proxys, run a scan, clean out selected proxy types, scrub, and export your fresh list automatically ready for use.

Software Includes:Proxy Leecher
Proxy Server Finder can download a list of proxies maintained by Proxy, or it can search dozens of other proxy list websites and extract proxies from them automatically.

Import free web proxy lists from publicly available proxy sites, free online proxy servers, and various free proxy lists. You have the ability to add your own proxy list sites, as well as adding in your own proxy ip addresses manually.

This automates the manual task of locating each proxy server site and public proxy lists, then having to copy and paste from each site to create your own lists to then test if they are good.

Proxy Checker

Proxy Server Finder can test proxies (up to 20 at a time) and determine their speed, type, status, country, and whether it is known to be used by a government. The proxy server checker software will scan all proxy servers you found during the Proxy Leecher scan. 

Proxy List Creator

After you have finished testing the proxies, you can filter the results, depending on the type of proxy you want to use. Proxies found using this software can be used for many purposes, such as increased anonymity, bypassing Internet filters (unblocking sites), data mining, etc. The proxies are compatible with any software that support http proxies. When using proxies found with Proxy Server Finder we ask that you follow by the TOS of whoever runs the proxies.

Process Flowchart: 
Process of locating proxy servers


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