Pin Dominator 2.4

What Are Its Features

Popup Domination is a software tool that will allow you to generate elegant and professional looking popups in a snap. The product contains some great templates and a ton of different functionalities laid out in an easy to use interface, so users of this product can create popups within just a few minutes. 
All they have to do is drag and drop controls, select the settings that they desire, type up the necessary content, and they are good to go. This is something that you might have to pay skilled programmers hundreds of dollars to do, and you can do all of that work at no additional cost, at a fraction of the time.

You can create popups of different colors and layouts that can match your website’s overall design, and you also have a lot of freedom on what you can actually do. There is no need to have any programming or HTML knowledge, but some experience in CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, may help as there are other additional components that you may want to change in order to further personalize your popup.

Popups created using Popup Domination is able to integrate well with most coding standards, allowing it to show up properly in popular Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari. It can also merge well with most popular mailing list services, allowing you to be able to use this product in any of your websites that are using different tools to run.
Among its other features, Popup Domination also allows users to time as to when and where their popups would show up in their pages. This will give you a lot of flexibility, and you can also restrict its appearance especially when users have already dispatched of the popup previously. Popup Domination also allows for quick swapping of templates, as it also offers several analysis and reporting tools so that users would be able to see how effective a certain design is against another.
PinDominator is the most efficient Pinterest marketing software in the market.
Use PinDominator software to automatically create pinterest accounts, repin, comment, like, follow/unfollow, board, blog, invite, user to board, account checker and account creator modules.
Pindominator can help you squeeze the greatest benefit from your efforts!
Main features:
– Accounts Module
– Repin Module
– Comment Module
– Like Module
– Follow/Unfollow Module
– Board Module
– Blog Module
– Invite Module
– User To Board Module
– Account Checker Module
– Account Creator Module



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