Pin Button Attraction

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing site in internet History and a great source for traffic to your website, but getting visitors to share your site on Pinterest is more difficult than one may think.

To make that process easier for our visitors we built Pin Button Attraction. Instead of having a small “Pin It” button at the bottom of the post or off to the side amongst a handful of other social share buttons, we built a plugin that sticks Pinterest right infront of users.

Features of Pin Button Attraction

Add a Pinterest pin button to all the images on your site or just the few you select

Display the pin button all the time or only on mouse over

Invite users to Follow you on Pinterest – Building your Tribe

Display the pin count next to, above, or not at all

Enable site wide with the press of a button

Pin Button Attraction makes getting more traffic to your site from Pinterest a reality.

Easy Setup

Download the plugin, upload it to your website, activate and get started. You can manage the pin buttons on each individual blog post or across the entire site.










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