[ Latest ] WP List Magnet

WP List Magnet – Amazing New Telepathic Technology Detects When Prospects Are About To Leave Your Site And Practically FORCES Them Onto Your List!

Generate more email subscribers from any blog by grabbing visitors attention just as they are about to leave your site with easy to create Professional optin offers…

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Absolute Jacker


Absolute Jacker is a WordPress plugin to create powerful links to any URL (webpage or blog post) you want. The power comes after someone clicks on your link. Instead of going to the regular page, the visitor will see the expected page, however with a preset pop-up on the hijacked page.

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WP Lead Hunter

Gathers Hundreds Of Leads In Seconds

With one click you can search and find hundreds of prospects and leads in seconds for any local keyword…anywhere in the world.

Just type in the keyword you want to pull leads in for, click GO, and BAM, within seconds WP Lead Hunter pulls in hundreds of businesses…ready for contact.

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WP Jacker Pro

logo 700x150 300x641 WP Jacker Pro

WP Jacker Pro – Legally “jack” any WordPress plugin by injecting email registration, building your list by giving away plugins!

WP Jacker allows you to inject your own email registration form into any WordPress plugin. All you need to do is copy and paste the email form HTML code from your service provider, such as Aweber or GetResponse, into the WP Jacker Pro plugin. If you are familiar with HTML, you can create any kind of form you like.

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