[ UPDATED ] No Hands Proxies 1.17.0

The first time you run No Hands Proxies, you will need to let the utility collect the addresses at its own pace, which may take more or less time, as it also runs a checkup in order to determine whether they are operational or not.

The discovered items are then listed in the main window, in the ‘Working Proxies’ tab, where you can learn their ‘Anonymity’ type (‘Elite’, ‘Transparent’, ‘Anonymous’), the ‘Latency’ in milliseconds, the corresponding ‘Region’, along with the source, namely the website it was collected from.

No Hands Proxies is a comprehensive and reliable piece of software created to provide you with the ability of obtaining countless proxy servers to which you can connect, all while entailing a minimal level of effort for you.

Subsequent to the brief and uneventful setup process, you can launch the program and get started with it immediately, its usage being quite intuitive and self-explanatory.

The ribbon in the main window enables you to switch between ‘Proxies’ and ‘Settings’, or view the activity ‘Log’, while the start and stop buttons allow you to commence or halt the operation.











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