Fast Blog Finder

Introducing G-Lock Blog Finder – it’s the most complete software solution guaranteed to locate the blogs you want, in any niche, fast. It helps SEO firms and individuals compile a list of blogs you can leave comments on and build a ton of backlinks instantly! You cannot create a wonderful site and pray that visitors (and earnings) flow like water. How will people know about your site? The answer is quite simple:

You need links from themed [aka niche-related] websites!

A related link is worth more weight than links coming from a non-related site. There are several ways to create backlinks to your website: social bookmarking, pay per click, adding the website URL to web directories, submitting articles to article directories.

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PTCS 1.4.4

highlight1 PTCS 1.4.4

PTCS – Professional Trackback and Comment Submitter!

Solid botworks PTCS is a powerful software for professional SEO workers. 

The software is designed to eliminate as much tedious work as possible and to give the highest possible success rate independent of the computer and internet connection.

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SEO Machine Pro 2.0.4

SEO Machine Pro – The All-in-One SEO Multi Tool!

SEO Machine PRO is a versatile software that targets users who are in the Internet Marketing business particularly SEO. 

It will assist people to perform their work in a much easier and smoother fashion. 

In essence, the software especially helps users to find good buyer keywords and keyword competition levels very quickly.

It will also assist you to obtain high PR dofollow backlinks, reverse engineer your competitor’s SEO strategies, getting unlimited supply of backlinks via our search engine scraper, unlimited supply of proxies, keyword research made easy by showing valuable low competition keyword via Semrush and competition checker, easy scripting feature to make any platform poster you can imagine, and much much more…

The Powerful Features of SEO Machine PRO

Suggestion Scraper :

Scrap keywords from multiple sources : Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, Ebay, Ask, Youtube …

Support searching for keywords of specific languages and search domains.

Expand Keyword exploring deep to an unlimited number of levels.

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Backlink Profit Monster 3.0.4

backlinkprofitmonster1 Backlink Profit Monster 3.0.4

A Fully Automated Tool

Get’s You 1ST Page Rankings on Demand

Newbie Proof

The opportunities to make money with Backlink Profit Monster are endless. There are so many avenues you can take:

Affiliate Marketing

Promote Amazon Products


Offline to Local Businesses

The opportunities are endless!

All it takes is you installing Backlink Profit Monster, inserting  your website, affiliates links or however you want to make money and let this fully automated software do the dirty work.

I don’t care what your experience is in online marketing; seasoned vet or newbie all it takes is a few clicks and you can do this.

Inside the members area everything is laid out to where a 3rd grader could understand how to get started. We want to make this the easiest experience you have had online with making money and driving traffic.

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[ LATEST ] Backlinker 3.4

Will randomly combine different Names, URLs, Emails, Proxies and User agents and then submit the comments, which makes the possibility of getting detected as a spam very little.

It is Multi-threaded which makes the process extremely fast. Up to 100 threads can be used!!!

It can post on Multiple Blogging Platforms like WordPress, Movable Type, and many others!

It has a inbuilt Proxy Harvester and Checker

It has an inbuilt Mass PageRank Checker!

Has the ability to specify the Proxies and User agents. (Elite proxies can be used!)

It has a WFS (Wait For Socket System), which makes the application not hang or stop in middle, which almost ALL other commenters do. This prevents crashes unlike all others sold on the Net.

It comes w
ith a timer function, which keeps a track of the time taken to post.   Unlike other commenters, it has a Pause function with which you can pause and resume commenting from the same url.   No need to worry about updates, it has an Auto Update feature built right in with the software!
It gives the reasons why a particular comment could not be posted (e.g. blog not found, duplicate comment etc.)

And many more features being added!


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[ LATEST ] Web Traffic Genius Pro 3.6.21

ecover1 Web Traffic Genius Pro 3.6.21

Introducing the Web Traffic Genius RSS Software (earlier versions were called the RSS Power Plus Pro Software)

Very few online marketers use RSS as well as they could. If they do use RSS, it’s not to dominate the search engines and to generate rapid targeted web traffic. They use it only to monitor news and events and some use it to provide some content on their websites.

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[ LATEST ] LinxBot 2.0

Push one button and find tons of high pagerank backlinks that are aching for your links. Stop wasting your time on seo strategies that have no chance of getting you a top Google ranking.

-LinxBot only returns pages that have a PR1+ so you know you are getting the VERY BEST links for your site

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