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The psychology behind Pinterest as a Traffic Generating resource is SUPER powerful and we’re the first serious plugin on the market that really harnesses the raw, untouched power of Pinterest Boards! 
The number of Pinterest Users climbs each day and Business with Pinterest Boards is rising FAST!

Struggling to drive targeted traffic to your affiliate, Amazon & money sites?

With this new and powerful PinPressr plugin you can harness the immense selling power of Pinterest and literally push traffic to your profit sites on true autopilot.


Imagine if you could harness the power of Pinterest to:

  • Generate a ton of FREE Traffic!
  • STOP relying on Google and SEO alone
  • Pinterest is shown to drive more traffic to sites than Facebook
  • Businesses are the fast growing as users of Pin Boards!
  • Grab attention & traffic and send to a new blog post.
  • Send users to an affiliate offer.
  • Pinpressr creates fully automated Pinterest accounts. You can have your own Pinterest account, with dozens of boards and hundreds of followers all on 100% autopilot.
  • Plugin works by stripping images from any specified RSS feeds and autopinning those images to any Pinterest board you specify.
  • You can place promotional messages/links alongside every image you auto-pin. So you can promote your affiliate links or drive free targeted traffic to your website.
  • You can automate many different Pinterest boards each in different niches, each using relevant RSS feeds.
  • You can specify unique promotional messages for every board you pin to, meaning you post only highly relevant promotional text/links alongside each of your pins.
  • You can use spintax and several shortcodes in your promotional messages to give them huge randomization, making your auto-pinterest accounts look very real.
  • You get massive potential for scalabilty. You can run multiple accounts, each autopinning to dozens of pinterest boards, all being fed from hundreds of rss feeds.



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