Keyword Organizer 3.29


Using the good ol’ free Google Keyword Planner is great. It produces an un-ending supply of great keywords–from which you can create content on your website. But there’s a problem. If you’ve ever actually sat down and tired to arrange these CSV files into a viable content strategy, then it becomes clear very fast how difficult the task is.

Keyword Organizer has been specifically designed to tame Google’s CSV files for you. It gobbles up their data and displays the goods elegantly–in a clean, minimalistic interface that you’ll find very easy to use.

When you’ve got a few thousand keywords on your plate, then deciding which ones you’re going to pursue can be a bit daunting.

Keyword Organizer has sophisticated sorting, searching, and categorization tools–all designed to help you weed out the keywords you don’t need, and manage the keywords you’d like to target.

Ultimately, your job in the creation of on-site content, primarily comes down to assigning keywords to logical groups. In SEO, we create content resources (“articles”) out of these groups. And these resources act as the “lure” that draws search engine visitors to our website.

Keyword Organizer enables you to create Categories, Articles, and Paragraphs. Assigning keywords has never been easier–because you simply drag the keyword over to the article group.







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