[ LATEST ] Inspyder Backlink Monitor 4.1.5

Tracking and managing your backlinks is critical to the success of any SEO campaign.
The only problem is for the past couple of years the only way to do this properly was with a series of Excel spreadsheets and multiple Scrapebox projects.
It was a very long, boring and repetitive process especially when dealing with tiered linking structures.

Inspyder Backlink Monitor – The world’s only multi-tier backlink management software!

Inspyder Backlink Monitor is the easiest way to track and manage your
website backlinks. Just enter your backlink URLs and let Backlink
Monitor check the status, anchor text, IP address and PageRank for you. 

It couldn’t be easier!

Best of all, Inspyder Backlink Monitor works with multiple backlink tiers! Stop working hard and start working smart with Backlink Monitor now



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