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WP Subscribers is very easy to operate as you do not have to be a PHP Developer just to get it to work. Once you spend more time with the interface, you will see that it’s really effortless when it comes to creating subscription forms through popups, the footer, when commenting, within posts and more.
There are many ways WP Subscribers can help you with your List Building goals as it also integrates well with different autoresponders such as Get Response and AWeber.
I have tried other similar plugins for comparison purposes, and it’s clear that WP Subscribers has far more advanced features that are helpful with getting new subscribers. One unique feature would be the option of adding a Facebook connect button so that FB users are automatically subscribed to your mailing list.

Why I Chose WPSubscribers

I truly love that WP Subscribers does not make things difficult when it comes to setting it up. For one
thing, I just need to copy and paste some HTML codes to my Autoresponder, and then after clicking the “Detect your form code” button, it’s all set.
Another thing I find great with WP Subscribers would be that the process of creating opt-in forms is very fast and flexible. Take for instance the Lightbox popup. On the one hand, I could choose from the 12 templates provided, with 8 different color schemes each, but on the other hand, I have the freedom of setting up my own style if I went with the Custom Opt-in form.
With regards to how much WP Subscribers would cost, there are actually two options that are available – $47 for three domains license and $97 for an unlimited domains license. Since I am using a lot of domains, and I do not want to be limited, I got the unlimited domains license package. It was surely worth it because I have practically earned more than I paid for WP Subscribers since I started using it.

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