[ GET ] PingAutomatic 2.1

Ping Automatic is an easy to install piece of software that keeps your backlinks fresh so that they continue to be seen by Google. There is nothing more frustrating than building a bunch of backlinks that never get indexed, or worse, that slowly disappear over time.

With Ping Automatic you never have to worry about that. You will not have to keep building new backlinks all the time just to stay even. The new backlinks you build will add to the ones you already have so that you can crush the competition.

You install it just like you install any other WordPress plugin and once installed, you can set up your campaigns – just like you used to be able to in the original version.

First time I put this sales page up, I sold a few hundred copies of PingAutomatic in a matter of days. People were going crazy over it – right left and center. They loved the software and to this day brag about the original version that I released back then and that was for a reason: the software worked like a charm.











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