[ UPDATED ] PinBot

The secret to marketing on Pinterest is quality and automation. I am basically running multiple accounts on PinBot. The beauty of PinBot is that it automatically keeps my accounts populated with fresh content, it does everything for me, so I can focus on making the money.

Scrape unique and niche relevant images. This puts them into a queue which will then be used for upload. The scrape feature allows you to fully ColorCorrect and edit your images.

You can place custom watermarks on your images, add texts, crop and resize them! Do note that this feature is categorized as “manual mode”, while in the “autopilot mode”, PinBot will automatically scrape and pin images.

Manual mode: Pin all the pins you’ve scraped. Just hit the “start” button.

Scheduled mode: Same functionality as manual mode, however it will start pinning on certain time/date.

Autopilot mode will automaticlly Scrape and Pin query/niche relevant pins to your selected boards. Simply type in all queries/categories for each board and PinBot will do its thing.












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