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The developer of the elite trend trader believes that his proven system can work for anyone regardless of experience or technical knowledge. He says that he can teach fifth-graders how to use his system and then even they can easily outperform the market. To me, this sounds a little bit exaggerated which scares me because I don’t like it when my financial advisors are playing the truth.

Frank Bunn created the elite trend trader software and says that he’s been trading since 1994. He claims that he really understands frustration because he’s lost a lot of money along the way. He believes that over the years he has developed a strategy that is based on trend following.

He believes that if you learn and follow this system then you will be able to take advantage of the market like he does. The product comes with 129 page e-book and 14 videos which reveals exactly how to use the system step-by-step.











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