CPV Lab 2.18 – Incredibly Powerful Tracking Software


CPV Lab also an incredibly powerful tracking software for media buys, Pay-per-click, social campaigns, mobile campaigns, and even organic search campaigns.

Regardless of the name, CPV Lab can track even more than just CPV advertising.

It enables users to monitor multiple campaign types which include landing page, email follow-up, multiple path, multiple option, lead capture, and direct link and
landing page campaigns. 

In addition, it comes loaded with Lab Alerts, a desktop tool that saves and maximizes ad spend.

Furthermore, the Installation and its usage is hassle-free and easy, with no need
for specialized coding or PHP development knowledge. 

As a self-hosted platform, every one of the information in the software is completely
confidential and only accessible by the user.

The installation process is pretty smooth. The process is pretty much the
same as setting up any web based script. 

You first of all need to upload the script file to your server, then in the config file you need to enter your MySQL database, and then need to run the installer script.

PPV traffic, then CPA Lab is a must tool for you, because it will make you more productive, help you optimize your campaigns, and save you so much time doing it you will be dumbfounded.

So, what are you waiting for Try CPV Lab for a Full 30 Days…you have nothing to risk.
If for any reason you feel CPV Lab. 

But, I am pretty confident, that once you try it you want to go back to life without it!

Direct Link and Landing Page

Allows you to direct link and rotate through multiple offers by adjusting a
share% for each offer.

Or add landing pages to the mix, and rotate through multiple landing pages as well.

You can also split the traffic between direct link and landing pages to easily determine the best performing option using only one Campaign.

Multiple Option

Use review style or catalog pages with more than 1 call to action or offer
on the page tracking all data for each offer and target, while split testing multiple landing pages. 

You can also rotate through multiple offers for each option!

Multiple Path

CPV Lab allows you to setup multiple paths in 1 campaign giving you the ability to run branded or themed landing pages to multiple offers. 

And rotate through each path to determine the highest performing path. 

Also, identifying the targets and landing pages in each path generating the most revenue.

It’s like running multiple campaigns from one campaign, and is also
great for testing using 






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