[ LATEST ] Proxy Multiply

Proxy Multiply is not a VPN service but, rather, is a piece of software that allows you to get an extensive list of proxies all over the world. This may be particularly useful for people who just need to change their IP address but who don’t necessarily need the advanced encryption features that come with a VPN service.

Proxy Multiply is installed on your computer—Windows only—like any other program. Once you start it up, it will draw from a list of over 400 different proxies. This list is updated on a daily basis.

If you have the list downloaded already, the program will begin using Bing, Google and Yahoo to search for other proxies.

The program uses the base list to create the searches and expands from there. The developer claims that it can make one proxy into more than 5,000 proxies through this search service. You can limit how many it returns, however.

You can test proxies after you find them to make sure that they’re up and running. After you’ve selected the proxy you want to use, you set it as the default in the program and IE and Google Chrome will both use that proxy server to connect to the Internet.











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