Demon Tracking 1.1.3

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Make Money Online With Demon Tracking!


Here’s a hint of the many things this amazing profit prediction tool can do for you:

– Accurately track a staggering amount of clicks from ANY traffic source you use to promote your offers

– Tells you quite explicitly which traffic sources will make you money and which sources you should NEVER use

– Pinpoints with laser accuracy which offers are profitable and which are not, even allowing you to rotate offers and find your profit ‘sweet spot’

– Automatically updates with new incomes and conversions so you’re always aware of what is making you money and how much.

– Displays incomes in green and expenses in red so you LITERALLY have a green light to scale up for profit and a red light to stop traffic to losers.

– Directs you to the profitable low-hanging fruit long before your competition even takes notice

– Multiplies your efforts and automatically manages hundreds/even thousands of campaigns at a time, without breaking a sweat.

– Break your stats down like never before – track your campaigns down to the exact IP address, keyword… right down to the hour

– Use as many email providers as you like and account for the value of each and every single subscriber on your lists, no matter how big they are



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