Learn How to Write a Quality Press Release Quick!

Learn Quality Press Release Quick course many different kinds and styles of releases that are written and distributed every day to media organizations.

Are you producing results and profits from press releases? This course contains the magic formula including all the fine details for writing powerful press releases.

Newsrooms across the country receive numerous emails on a daily basis from groups, organizations, political leaders, businesses.

Some press releases do not result in any type of media coverage, but the reason that makes submitting them worthwhile is the potential for mass attention.

Learn the critical skills to help press release capture the media’s attention.

We will discuss news releases that are more effective and ones that may not be as effective.

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Sound Mix: Learn How to Mixing Music Like a Pro!

Sound Mix coure teach the best mixing techniques used to get professional sounding mixes. In these videos we’ll walk through the mix from beginning to end.

Start creating professional mixes for personal music projects – sound better and get noticed more.
You’ll have access to the raw tracks of the song used in the class, so start putting everything learn into practice right away.

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