[ GET ] Content Grabber 1.18

Web-scraping is the process of extracting data from websites and storing that data in a structured, easy-to-use format. The value of a web-scraping tool like Content Grabber is that you can easily specify and collect large amounts of source data that may be very dynamic (data that changes very frequently).

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SEO Content Machine 4

SEO Content Machine 4 – Change The Way You Create Content!

The first multi-language content creator program. Accelerate Your Link Building!

– Blog Content Management:

Create, draft & post to WordPress or Blogger. Create unlimited content and have it automatically uploaded and posted to your blog network.

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Article Buddy X

Article Buddy – Best software to rewrite articles and convert YouTube videos into unique and CopyScape passed content with only one click software!

Article Buddy is best software to get unlimited content 100% unique and Copyscape passed with single click of your mouse. Article Buddy will convert Youtube videos into 100% unique content and rewrite old article into new article that unique and Copyscape passed.

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Content Spiffer 1.4.2

header Content Spiffer 1.4.2
  This enables you to turn your old, over-scraped, over-used articles into fresh unique content.
Need Unique Content? Content Spiffer is the ultimate tool for producing huge volumes of Unique Content! It’s not a scraper, and it’s not a spinner.

Content Spiffer takes a different approach by blending content that you’ve already acquired and adding your own links, images, videos, keywords and customized text. This enables you to turn your old, over-scraped, over-used articles into fresh unique content!

Content Spiffer raises the bar by mixing related content and adding HTML, BBCode or Wiki Markup for links, images, videos, keywords and your own custom content to text articles in bulk. 

This enables you to produce THOUSANDS of Unique Articles with just a few mouse clicks! 

It’s simple enough that setting up a project only takes minutes, and yet versatile enough to make content just the way you want.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what Content Spiffer can do

Randomly insert links, images, videos and plain text from lists into articles.

Blend articles together at the paragraph or sentence level.

Pattern controls let you determine how and where elements are inserted.

Pattern rule sets are saved for use in future projects.

Random URL & keyword selection is balanced to avoid redundancy.

Supports HTML, BBCode and Wiki Markup.

Can insert single elements, or multiple elements in spintax format.

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[ LATEST ] Comment Scrape Boss

This is what I call the Auto Approve Lists Killer!

Yep, you heard it right folks, you’ll never need any auto approve lists from now on to get your comment approved . ever!

You don’t even have to spend hours trying to scrape your own Auto Approve Lists or pay huge chunks of money to buy these lists.

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