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Have a new testimony on blog? Become a Social Media Guru course to look at organization’s own data to see what is driving real value.

There is a ton of engagement data around what people are doing on your site (Google Analytics) and social platforms/profiles (Facebook Insights and other native analytics platforms).

If organization can gather, analyze, and act on its data it will be ready to jump on the next trend in a way that drives real impact.

To extend Guru powers it’s also good to introduce spelling morphing techniques (some less experienced social media people call this “text speak”).

Start with the 5 truths that apply to all social media platforms. Then, we’ll walk through the “Big Three” platforms: Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Cross post to all networks to get all fans to check it out!

Remember- everything is incredibly important to fans, followers and connections- so they are bound to drop what they’re doing to check out cool new testimony.

One of the most important tips for any social media guru to learn is the art of automation.

Some inexperienced people in the social media world choose to manually craft their social media updates or perhaps selectively automate certain tasks.

This is a great technique for the social media gurus out there. Make sure you get “just anyone” to share your content.

It’s not about reaching the people who might be influenced by content, just want to have the maximum reach and highest share rates. 

Learn in this course:
Insight into the backend: understand the platform in order to optimize strategies.
Advanced tips to boost engagement.
Case studies: steal ideas from other organizations that are effectively using the platform.
Learn the strategies to engage the whole team in the process and begin to build a Data Culture at your organization!
Marketing staff looking for advanced strategies and deeper data analysis ideas.














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